Charlie Christian
This is truly God's work that you have undertaken - Joe Sullivan
Yesterday I strung up the ES-150 with your pickup. To cut a long story short; this one stays with daddy, I will not sell it!
The best thing of the pickup is that it has the quality to 'grow' in a chord, that is after you hit the chord there is a very slight distortion in combination with the tube amp, this is really a killer sound that makes you want to play forever. Great pickup, I love it, and many thanks for making it! - Daniel Slamen
Well I was amazed at the tone of this pickup. It sounds so much like Hank Garlands guitar it's almost too good to be true. This has got to be the best pickup on the market. You certainly captured the true jazz sound. You are a genius. Cheers, Cheers, and Cheers, - Ric Croney
I have a CC pickups in my guitar and it sounds totally awesome. I am the pickiest buggar in the world but this thing has floored me with how good it sounds. It looks so cool also - Andy McKenzie

About one week ago, I got back my 1938 L-7 with your ES-250 p/u installed.I am completely pleased with it. I was dubious when you wrote that it would nail the sound of a vintage CC p/u, but you were just stating facts.Hideo Kamimoto ( can google) who installed it for me was also impressed with the sound.

Thanks again.

I told Jim Triggs about your website, and he was very interested, as he has gotten requests for CC p/u's,but til now has been telling people they had to find an old one.
I have a 1937 ES-150, so I'm able to evaluate your p/u meaningfully.
Best Regards,